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Beauty Belies

“Beauty belies the sky dealt violence” Memorial pole for those whose lives succumb to balloons.

This pole took quite some time to complete as it was created by taping together cardboard tubes, collaging over the tubes, then painting the whole works. Collage imagery was designed from my photography using photoshop elements and adhered to the pole along with an etching of a bird. As you may see there is an owl trapped under plastic netting at the base of the pole while stings of balloons choke the neck of the pole.

Plastics, heralded as great new invention years ago have become a detrimental monster that is sinking us in pollution that does not break down. Our seas, rivers and soils are impregnated by this monster of our own making.

We are not helpless and can do something about it. We can reduce our reliance on plastics and go back to using unbleached cotton and linen. We can stop polluting our sky with balloons that kill birds, animals and even baby whales.

“Beauty Belies the sky dealt violence” Memorial pole for those whose lives succumb to balloons.
Detail, bird etching, plastic skeletons. Nest created from plastic fruit netting, balloons and poly twine.

Have you heard about environmentally friendly balloons? Well don’t believe it, I looked on line and the company states that they break down as fast as an oak leaf. Guess what, I researched how fast that is. Up to two years, yes two years or more for an oak leaf to break down, two years for that bit of balloon to be mistaken for food and eaten by a bird which then suffocates due our ignorance of letting balloon blow. Take a look at the website Balloons  they have been doing research on the biodegradability of balloons in the environment.

Not only the balloons are a hazard, so is the string attached to them. This plastic string gets tangled in trees and the birds get tangled in the plasticized string which they cannot cut through with their beaks to save themselves. Even deer have been found dead with balloon string wrapped around antlers which got caught in tree branches imprisoning the animal. So sad that which we cause out of ignorance. So please, I urge everyone to reduce their reliance on plastics, and please don’t buy balloons to celebrate with. Celebrate by enjoying nature and blowing bubbles instead.