Info: Teresa (tess) Stieben BFA

Hello and welcome. Teresa Stieben BFA (Tess) is a Painter, Photographer, Multi-media artist who ventures into the world of Eco-art and textiles.  Her passion is spending  many hours  outdoors viewing and photographing birds, animals, bugs and plants. Essentially basking in the gifts of Creation. It is through  enjoyable hours spent in pine and cedar scented woods of British columbia and dry windswept prairies of Alberta and the mountains in-between that inspire Tess to create.


Teresa Stieben BFA with Distinction

Growing up surrounded by the scent of Cedar and fresh baked bread. Picking wild apples on the way to bath in the salty clean Salish Sea a few miles away on a hot sunny day. Splashing or tubing from the mouth of a fish filled river that ran close by. All this gave birth to a love of the natural world that seeped through flesh and bone.


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The Nest Project, mixed media & textile art.

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